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So you think that I'm amazing..

Please tell me i'm a turn off.

Pretty Little Fuck Up
8 April
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Yo. I'm Jamie. And umm, this is my livejournal and stuff. I live in a town East Brunswick, located in the very boring area of New Jersey. Nope, nothing really happens around here, though we like to pretend. So I've been living here for like 3 or 4 years now, something like that, and it's ok. I have a nice amount of friends, we're cool and.. stuff. Or so we think?

Music = my life. Because it interests me more than any other.. hobby or whatever out there. I play guitar about a year now, not that much anymore for reasons unknown to myself. I'm in a band with my best friends, we're called Sepulchral Romance.. don't know what music we are yet, but we're experimenting and combining different genres such as all sorts of metal, mixed with some screamo, this should be interesting. And I'm the vocalist. Go me.

And.. some other unimportant stuff i'm too lazy to type :D Later.
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