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[08 Sep 2004|05:26pm]

Um. Attention?

New Journal, yo.



Add it. and stuff. Love. Bye.

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[22 Aug 2004|03:31am]

I didn't do anything today. Nope. Except talk on the phone to Mario for like 2 hours on the phone, that kid is just so funny. And.. NATE CAME HOME TODAY!! Yay my little gay boy is back and I love him to death!

ummm.. this is what happens when Josh and I are bored at 3 am..

societyizANTIme (2:57:40 AM): remember that time at band camp?
hEr3tic mind (2:57:47 AM): yes
hEr3tic mind (2:57:49 AM): definitely
societyizANTIme (2:58:56 AM): it was very enjoyable.
hEr3tic mind (2:59:08 AM): sure
hEr3tic mind (2:59:15 AM): wait what happened at band camp
societyizANTIme (2:59:47 AM): we like. wore our pretty hats and you played the flute.
hEr3tic mind (3:00:06 AM): lol
hEr3tic mind (3:00:08 AM): pretty hats
societyizANTIme (3:00:28 AM): yup!
hEr3tic mind (3:07:04 AM): that was classic


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[19 Aug 2004|07:14pm]
[ mood | content ]

Convo from Andrea and I like literally a year ago, it's so fucking hilarious, we're so friggin dumb

xtrapped = me
newfound= andrea

convo, yoCollapse )
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[15 Aug 2004|09:06pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Like, OMIGAWD I'm updating. never again. So I went and saw Eighteen Visions last night with Midtown n Lost Prophets.. LP sucks.. they don't deserve to play anymore. Hung out with EV, and that just kicked my ass. Second time seeing them live, first time was back in May with FATA. details over at :
www.xanga.com/pretty_pretty_mistake yo.

and now envy my ticket that James signed.

yay I rock. I think. Bye.

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[31 Jul 2004|11:12pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I don't even update this shit anymore lol. Cause I update at xanga now just because people there love me. alright.. uhh.. link is at the top, yo. yay.

maybe ill update here sometimes, if it's special. and i'll definately go around giving random comments lol.

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[20 Jul 2004|01:02pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Updatey timey. Wow. Never again.

Today was fun. My mom dropped me off at summer school and as usual, hung out with Josh and John, where John and I decided to skip class today. So Josh goes inside cause he already missed a day and if you're not in class twice, you're kicked out. So John and I are trying to find our way out of the school parking lot for like 10 minutes lol. It was so retarded, we were gonna hop a huge fence, and then go thru the woods.. but it was the wrong way.

So we make our way out onto 516, and can't decided where we're gonna go, so i'm like "Let's go hang out in the video store strip mall" so we run across the highway yelling, and then we get there and walk around until we found like a clothing donation.. area.. and we went thru an old bag.. and John starts skipping around with mini sweatpants, lmfao. And then this guy pulls up and parks next to where we're standing, so John like pretends he's in a car, trying to park, we got dirty looks lmao.

So then.. we hang around outside Hollywood Video for like two hours, it went by so fast, we just talked and shit and he jumped around.. and made me listen to The Cure and then he started 'skanking' like a ska kid at heart does, I just sat there hah. So then ... we walk back.

And wait forever for Josh, who walks out and we're talking about.. something.. and then.. I leave. And went home and called Kelly. Yay. And i'm going to her house soon. Yay party. Yay. That's great.

And that was my day so far. go me.

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[17 Jul 2004|07:22pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]


How dare he fucking do this. and LIE to me about it. Never again.

I'm not going out with ANYONE for soooo long it's not even funny. Not ANYONE. and.. Keith Timper is such an idiot for thinking that acting and being interested in EMO is going to attract me to him.. again. Wow.

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I'll give myself to you [10 Jul 2004|02:29pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Got home from Sammie's a few minutes ago, man last night was just awesome. Went to the mall with her, KT, and Cour, and we were supposed to go to a movie, but that never happened.. anyway we just kind of pointlessly walked around for a bit and then met up with Keith who kind of ditched us. So then we walked around awhile looking fot Steve, but he was with MARIO, the one person we really didn't want to hang out with. We left them alone and walked around SOME MORE and then stuff. Yay KT has purple hair, and Cour has blue hair, it's cooool.

Well I had started a funding, called "Poor Little Emo Girl Wanting To Go To A Show" fund so I could possibly collect money to go to Warped Tour. Well, I must thank the following people for donating: Sammie, KT, Cour, Steve, Jaime, Amy, and Jimmy for helping out with this, I MADE EXACTLY $25, AND I'M GOING TO WARPED TOUR!!!!!! I'm so fucking happy!

Back to the mall, so we bought hair dye. Well I did. Then just went in the back and hung out, Keith and Steve met up with us, along with Mario and Slut ::cough:: I mean Alyssa, who were ALL OVER EACH OTHER, RIGHT IN FRONT OF KEITH, WHO IS ALYSSA'S EX FUCKING BOYFRIEND. So you know what, that just totally upset Keith. And she can go get some STD cause we all know she's fucked enough guys. Um, then we met up with Josh and Samwise and this other kid, and followed them back to Denny's, and stuff, Jimmy and his friends were there, that was cool. Steve met up with us later on, then we all kind of just got seperated, so it was KT, Sammie, Cour and myself again. Then we saw Keith who actually didn't avoid us this time, and just stayed with us.

So then, I find myself sleeping over Sammie's house, WHICH WAS THE BEST. We were on the computer for awhile talking to Steve and Keith and some other kids, Kelly had us cracking up :D and then we baked cookies! Those came out awesome. Went back on the computer, and then we had ourselves some band practice, just the two of us. Rehersed "Die My Bride" (Murderdolls) and "Reflections" (From Autumn To Ashes), Sam is in love with my screaming for those songs, haha, I can pull it off. I'm cool. Not. Then later on, we dyed my hair which literally took 5852598 hours. Between the dying technique which was totally wrong, and then getting the dye off our hands (WHICH TOOK MOST OF THE TIME, AND IT'S STILL KIND OF ON US), washing it out of my hair (IN THE GODDAMN SINK WITH SAMMIE LIKE ON TOP OF ME TRYING TO WASH IT OUT) AND cleaning up, (lmao it got on the walls), we finally finished. Then dried it a bit, then decided to watch a movie. Lmfao we watched the first half hour of.. TITANIC, but I was getting really tired cause it was about 2 in the morning (AND I HAD GOTTEN UP AT 6.30AM FOR SUMMER SCHOOL), so we just talked for a bit in her rooms and went to bed. Woke up, had some more band practice, it was just way fun. And now i'm home.

HOOOOORRRAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!! MY HAIR BLACK!! YAY!!! Even though I have dark hair to begin with, the dye job was sucessful and my hair is just. BLACK. Next time I'm going for jet black though, with a hint of blue, because that's just sexy. haha.

Now I have to go clean my room and shit. Probably going back to the mall later to hang out with Keith, don't know what we're doing yet. The end. Later.

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[09 Jul 2004|02:58am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

It's 2.30am and i'm suffering from insomnia of some sort. School starts in like 6hours. not enough sleep. oh well.

Lately, I've been so addicted to Thursday, it's unhealthy. Been a fan of theirs for a long time, but it's like i'm admiring and appreciating their music all over again. And I nailed the song, "Reflections" by From Autumn To Ashes, an amazing song. Can totally play it on guitar, and i'm teaching Sammie also, with the timing and certain tabs. Cause when it comes to FATA, i'm a total perfectionist.

I want to go to Warped Tour so badly, but..

A] I have no money at all

B] my parents are too pissed to let me go

C] by the time I get money, either it'll be too late or the tix will be sold out :( only a month till it's here.

I miss Kenny. He went to the Poconos for like 2-3 weeks. He left Monday, but it seems longer than that...

Sammie is my best friend ever, I love her to death.

Probably going to the mall tomorrow, so far it looks like Sammie and I are going, and will most definately meet up with some other kids.. i'm guessing Keith [yeah we're talking AGAIN], Steven, other Steve, Josh, and all their friends. KT, go, I miss you!

and a survey.Collapse )

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[03 Jul 2004|05:54pm]
[ mood | bored ]

re-did the layout. I like it. Yeah, I stole that angel picture from somewhere offa google, added the red spots on it for uh.. blood? Lol and created the background. Go me, I have talent [not]. Still doing color mods, not sure if I'm happy with them just yet. Yep. The end.

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[02 Jul 2004|01:03pm]
[ mood | content ]

Home from Florida, thank god. Um, nothing to really update on, went to Kenny's last night, that was fun. Promised some people I'd post pics of my friends and stuff, so here you go.


Peektures<3Collapse )

Sammie and I think Kenny is coming over later, and then.. we're gonna go to the mall and stuff with Maggie. Yay us, fun. Later cats.

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Die with me... [24 Jun 2004|08:10pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I've been contemplating the last week and everything. Everyone. I realized that I can be so selfish with all my problems, and not take time to help out anyone else. Sorry about that, sometimes I just get so fed up that I just go on and on until I get it out,. and I end up bringing people down with me. I hate doing that.

Been thinking about who my real friends are, the kind that have stayed by my side throughout everything, and I've decided who my ultimate true best friends are, because you know, it's hard to have best friends like these. Two girls, two boys, you guys have been there for as long as I can remember...

AndreaCollapse )

KellyCollapse )

MattCollapse )

KyleCollapse )

I love everyone who's ever been there for me, and still is, you guys are all so great. However, it would take forever to name you all, it's impossible. I'd do anything for you guys, everything. You keep me alive, and I thank you so much for that<3.

This summer, I'm going to try and make myself a better person, go out and get a job, apply myself, do better in school, everything. I'll be going to summer school for a month to get better in math, and I want to do way better, i'm going to be in 9th grade, highschool, it all counts from now on. The years go by too fast, man.

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[21 Jun 2004|05:49pm]
[ mood | loved ]

So nothing has been going on lately, as usual. Bombed the math final today, I suck at math. It should die.

Well today Kenny came over and we hung out forever, basically just me in his arms the whole time, and vice-versa, it was so cute. He asked me out, yay<33. However, my brother caught us making out :x lol stupid kid.

I've been happy lately except for the family problems, only like a few people know about that. Exactly one day till school is out, and I'm not ready for this...

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[19 Jun 2004|09:12pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Wow ok, last night=GREAT! Yay. So it started off with Josh coming on my bus, and we hung out till like around 3, and then went out to the mall. Where we saw Jeremy and all my old friends and stuff. Then we bought like a mass amount of candy.

Left around 4:30 to walk to CVS to meet up with Sammie and Rose, cause they were meeting Keith. We get there and I'm totally wiped out, cause I'm lazy, and walked like 2 miles. So we meet up with them and get sodas and stuff, and walk back to Sammie's. We saw Bobby, Kenny, and Pat [Samwise] outside, so we all met up and went into Sammie's house where they rocked out on guitars, Maggie came a few minutes later with her bass, and they rocked on those too, Kenny and I sat in a corner together all emo lol. Blasted music and all.

Went outside where Sammie decides to pick me up and run, BUT WE FRIGGIN FELL AND IT FRIGGIN HURT, LMFAO! Rose and Bobby kept stealing my pixie stick, man, I was all.. GIMME BACK MY PIXIE STICK, BITCH! Haha, and then Bobby decides to chase everyone around with a piece of wood.

Josh and Samwise randomly left, so we all made our way into the living room to watch Keith's Iron Maiden DVD, just to piss him off :D Then, as we were about to watch Detroit Rock City, the doorbell rings, and no one's there, but I kinda saw Josh jump down, so I yelled at him and Samwise, "STOP PLAYING DING DONG IDIOT!" Lmao.

They come back in, and we start watching the movie, which was my first time seeing it, and won't be the last. 4 crazy rock teenagers + KISS = AWESOME MOVIE, MAN! So we're all chillin around and the pizza comes, I didn't eat.. cause I wasn't hungry and stuff. Uhh.. then I was trying to convince the boys to let me put eyeliner on them, hooray, Kenny and Keith let me! It was so cool.

Uh.. what else.. what else.. well Kenny and I got really tired out of nowhere and just like layed on the couch together, and then Maggie was like playing with Sammie's cat, and I'm like, "KITTY! I WANNA PET THE KITTY!!" .. BUT.. the kitty didn't like me! ::cries:: So now, Kenny is my kitty and I love him<3 :D

So then.. we end up back in Sammie's room and just hung out.. uh.. Keith was all.. "GOOD MORNING!" that loser! Lol. ::Maggie smile:: haaa. Then we went outside and Bobby and I skipped across the lawn.. and stuff. and Kenny ran away with me in his arms.

And then I went home. And that was my night. HEY YOU GUYS, LET'S JUST FRIGGIN PARTY AT MY HOUSE ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT!!! Haha great. Later.

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[17 Jun 2004|09:54pm]
[ mood | drained ]

I got SO drunk at Josh's house today, it was great. Well I went home with him and Samwise on his bus and then like we went and got pizza and met up with Kenny. Go back to Josh's house, Alla and KT come over, fun. Pat and Kenny decide to go in the pool, so they jump in and that was great. So then they all throw me into the pool, those bastards!! Um, Josh found some alcohol, and I just like had so much fun with that lol. Woo.  Drunk as fuck.


pictures! hahaCollapse )

And that's what happens when I get drunk lol. I'd post more but i'm lazy. SAMMIE'S PARTY TOMORROW NIGHT, YAY!! Later.

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[12 Jun 2004|01:55pm]
[ mood | bored ]

So yesturday was definately awesome. Josh came home with me on my bus and we just hung out for awhile. Haha, my stoner dog. Just great. And then around 4:30 or so, Samwise aka Buddy aka Pat came over and I straightened Josh's hair while he play on my gtar. Then we walked to the mall.

We met up with Alberto, and then when we saw Sammie and Rose, they just basically ignored me because "Alberto was with us". Yeah. whatever. So then the four of us [samwise.josh.alberto.me] just walked around and stuff, saw some people.. TTTTTJJJJJ! ::hugs:: Lol. The mall blew, really, so then we just walked over to Denny's.

And that was fun as hell. It was freezing though, and that sucked. So Alla calls me and asks where we were, so I told her, so then her, KT and Gail met up with us there. And that was great. Even though I forgot a lot that happened. So my mom comes and then picks us all up and we go back to my house, party! Sort of.

They made me play DDR. And then Alberto played, and we even got Samwise to play also! Shit, we forgot the video camera, lmao. KT went and got really lazy, and Gail passed. Alla kicks all our asses at that game. Then for at least 10 minutes we tried to get Josh to play. And he did! But lost in like less than 30 seconds. Haha.

Um... TO MEN!!!! Haha, Brad is so friggin stupid. Um... Josh and I had a tickle war, lmao we're so stupid. Then Buddy started calling everyone and yelling "ANAL SEXXX!" into the phone. LOL that kid is great.

And then they all left like around 11 or so, and that was it. I went and crashed. The end. Later.

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[06 Jun 2004|06:55pm]
[ mood | content ]

"Dude, basically, this is the Fazio household.
::walks in holding lighter fluid:: heyyyy mom!

Haha, I told that story at the mall today, and my friends just cracked up. I'm such a comedian. not. Went with Mario, Corey, and Josh, it was way fun. I stole like 10 times though, oops. Got a wristband for myself, 2 bracelets for Mario, and 2 Zippo lighters, one for me, one for Corey, and also got him a wristband. Hah, I think i'm a clepto :X

Josh and I are on a quest to get a Samwise toy for Pat, aka Samwise. Lmao, that rocked. Master Frodo, the dominatrix. Good god. ::hears men moaning:: DAD, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WATCHING! ::sees men's tennis:: That kid is too funny.

Yay, Maggie got her bass! Yay! And now I have to go do my homework! Not yay. Later.

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How beautiful you are... [03 Jun 2004|02:38pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

1. Thrice Vs. Senses Fail:
Senses Fail
2. Bright Eyes Vs. Radiohead:
Bright Eyes<3
3.Poison The Well Vs. BOYSETSFIRE:
Poison The Well
4. Fall Out Boy Vs. Rufio:
Fall Out Boy
5.RxBandits Vs. Sublime:
Sublime I guess
6.Atreyu vs. From Autumn To Ashes:
From Autumn To Ashes, but I definately love Atreyu also
7.Funeral For A Friend Vs. Thursday:
Thursday, but I love FFAF
8. A Static Lullaby Vs. Story Of The Year:
A Static Lullaby
9.Dashboard Confessional Vs. Brand New:
Brand New
10. Hidden In Plain View Vs. The Starting Line:
Hidden In Plain View
11. The Movielife Vs. Finch:
12.The Ramones Vs. The Clash:
The Ramones
13. Rancid Vs. The Sex Pistols:
The Sex Pistols
14.Anatomy Of a Ghost Vs. Give Up The Ghost:
Anatomy of A Ghost
15.Boys Night Out Vs. Silverstein:
Boys Night Out

Didn't go to school today. I'm thinking everything over.

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kill me.. [02 Jun 2004|08:12pm]
[ mood | pessimistic ]

I really just need a day off where I don't do anything at all. Nothing. Maybe a bit of guitar. I want to wake up before 12pm, and collect myself for a few hours. I'm so fucking sick of being depressed all the time, and I'm pretty sure it's annoying everyone else.

I've noticed that a lot of people I thought cared about me, do not. Either that or they have a poor way of showing it. There's only about 8 people I feel close to lately. Cause no matter what, they've tried to help me out, and have been listening to my constant complaining. Thanks<3

Um. So Kenny wants me to go to the Boys Night Out show, but I don't think I can afford it. I need new shoes and stuff, so I don't know about that. He's not even sure if he's going yet.

I am Maggie's emo baby and I love her :D And I am Josh's emo buddy, and we are officially best friends. Hey lookie there. A Nine Inch Nails icon. I made it. How special.

Mall on Friday, Catherine's parties this weekend, one's at Six Flags, so this should be fun. Later.

Guns go Bang!

[30 May 2004|01:37pm]
[ mood | awake ]

Um, last night was the greatest night of my entire life, and nothing will top it, ever. Unless I go to another show.

Went to the From Autumn To Ashes/Atreyu show, over at Starland Ballroom, Eighteen Visions and Anterrabae also performed. And it was just great.

Let's see, all the best parts....
Anterrabae was better than I thought, I'd never heard their music before, and they just owned. Eighteen Visions, let me just say, fucking amazing, I've only heard a few songs by them, they were way better than expected. Josh and I are convinced the singers are gay, but it's all good.

Then Atreyu went on, and that's when I really got into the show. Mario and I drifted off further back (for the first two bands I was right at the front at the barricades) and it got really intense. We made out during the second song<3 only he kinda bit me. lol. but it was cute. and then uh, got separated because he began crowd surfing and I got thrown into the pit. and got knocked over. But some guy helped me up, and started talking to me a bit, then threw me up and I crowdsurfed! And. lost my shoes. lol.

Let's see, let's see, I got thrown into the bar, so my back is killing me, I almost got dropped crowdsurfing (BY THE FRIGGIN SECURITY GUARD), and Atreyu just kept going on and on. Their last song was "Lipgloss and Black", and we all went crazy when it came to the chanting of "LIVE, LOVE, BURN, DIE", the pits went insane and we kept throwing our arms up in fists just screaming our lungs out.

Then. From Autumn To Ashes went on. And I was in the back before they actually started performing, I did all I could to get up to the front, there was no fucking way I was gonna miss them. I got up in the barricades, yay. They started off with Milligram Smile, and we just all screamed with him, then Francis came off the drums and did "No Trivia", where we all just lost our voices yelling M 4 V T C H, and most other parts of the song.

By the end of FATA (also the last band to play), I had no voice, I was literally singing and screaming to every song. They ended with "After Dinner Payback", where Ben (the lead singer) jumped into the crowd. and kicked me in the head. He weighs alot more than expected, lol. When he was singing, he held me hand, so yaaay. And his leg crushed me. But it was great.

We hung out in the parking lot afterwards [Mario, Pat, Siso, me], and then we got picked up. Got home about 12am, [it lasted from like 8pm-11.45pm], and just friggin collapsed. I couldn't stand anymore.

And that concludes the greatest night of my life ever. I'm officially done. Later kids<33

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